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You know regular health care, including preventive care, helps you live healthier and longer. That’s why you take care of yourself, and make and keep regular appointments with your health care team. But do your loved ones take care of their health?

Steps You Can Take

Here are some ideas to help those you love do something good for their health:

  •   Plan active recreation, such as walking on the beach or through a park.
  •   Experiment with lower fat versions of your favorite foods.
  •   Try healthful foods such as fruit and vegetables.
  •   Encourage those you love to visit a health professional – or at least make an appointment to visit one. When your loved ones are connected with the right medical care, they can find out about their health concerns. Certain health problems can be prevented and others can be treated.
  •   Visit a community health event with your loved one. Take part in all the free and low-cost health screenings.
  •   Encourage them to get at least seven hours of sleep.
  •   Surprise them with a gift to help them relax. For example, you could present them with a babysitting IOU, a certificate for a massage, or a favorite CD.

While the health of your loved ones is up to them, you can gently encourage them to take charge of their health.